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wooloo has developed the premier online tool for artists to create their own free web sites. Click on the sign up button above to exhibit your art work immediately.
Please have a look at the following community exhibitions currently hosted at wooloo.
Fruits of the Earth
by kris manalien
Sun Studies
by Louise Kuang Ma
Order, my lucky rainbow.
by Sara Saltzman
Free Web Site
wooloo has established a number of partnerships with other art organizations and web sites in an effort to maximize the exposure of each artist exhibiting work at wooloo.
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AsylumNYC presents non-US artists with the opportunity to exhibit and live in New York. Apply before April 1, 2006.
Thank You is an HIV benefit project critically examining the traditional structure of charitable campaigns.
Investigating the concept of "Terror", this project aims to challenge the conventions attached to the term.
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More Projects
Daniel Shiffman
Live City by Daniel Shiffman uses images from live cameras to create a complex system of ever-changing elements.
Liam Gillick
Liam Gillick is concerned with the way different properties of materials and structures can influence human behaviour.
Carsten Holler
Carsten Höller works with physiological sensations to expand the viewer's perception.