Any major city is a complex system consisting of countless individual elements - each city block, each car, each pedestrian, and each building representing one element of that system.

In LIVE CITY by new media artist Daniel Shiffman (, live images from New York City traffic cameras are filtered through a digital ecology to create an ever-changing grid of pixels. Like the elements of the real city moving in front of us, each of these pixels interacts locally with their neighbouring pixels, just as the elements of the city do with their real-life physical neighbours.

What we see at first is a street and a skyline with moving cars - a landscape changing slowly but constantly, through day and night. If we just watch, this will continue in its own pace, but by clicking on the screen we can choose to collide with this reality, infusing the image with live colour from a different part of New York City: the neon lights of Times Square.

One can wait a long time before clicking; one can click only once; one can click all over the screen many times - each resulting in a different effect. Only one thing is sure: by interacting with the system, the system changes.

Daniel Shiffman was born in 1973 and grew up in Baltimore, USA. He now lives and works in New York City.

LIVE CITY is a collaboration between Daniel Shiffman and Wooloo Productions ( LIVE CITY is built with Processing (; using live images from traffic cameras on the West Side Highway, New York City, as well as on Times Square, New York City.