"The Technology of Slideshows" is based on the book "How to Create and Play Slide Shows," edited by The Political Office of Shenyang Troop of the People's Liberation Army, published by Chinese Film Publishing House, 1982. This is essentially a technical manual that explained various techniques for creating animation effects using the widely available and affordable technology of slide projections. The images used in the book were provided as samples.

Soundtrack: "Fish and Water" (a popular analogy of the relationship of Chinese people and the army since the 1940's), performed by The Propaganda Crew of the Political Office of the Railway Force of the People's Liberation Army, composed by Xia Kang and Yuan Zhigang, lyrics by Jiao Naiji, lead vocal by Shen Lijuan, conducted by Xia Kang, published by China Records, 1974.

The Technology of Slide Shows was commissioned by the Dia Art Foundation in 2001 as part of Feng Mengbo's "Phantom Tales." It is hosted here with permission from the artist and Dia. For Mengbo's additional works from "Phantom Tales," visit www.diaart.org/mengbo.