Carsten Höller was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1961. He went to university in Germany where he studied evolutionary ecology and olfactory communication in insects, and went on to do postdoctoral research in England, the United States and France.

Concurrent with his academic career, Höller began to employ scientific knowledge in artistic experiments in the late 1980's. He has since exhibited his work frequently at various locations, including, documenta X in Kassel, Germany, The Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, United States and Yokohama Triennale, Yokohama, Japan.

Carsten Höller's work creates a positive combination of art and science. Together they function in a similar manner to the human body by posing the questions: Who am I? Where am I going? What am I capable of?

Through a focus on physiological sensations, his goal is to expand human perception, or in other terms, free it from the comfort it finds in these sensations. If we want to expand our perception of the world, we will have to leave behind our habits and truths.